#SportsVizSunday Challenge Dec 2018

When Simon, Spencer and James asked me earlier this year if I could join the #sportsvizsunday team as a guest host for one of the upcoming months I was very honored, and my answer was of course ‘yes’. I have followed this initiative since it was established, and it has always been fun to work with datasets on various sports in or beside the monthly challenges throughout the year. I have always used these challenges as opportunities to learn new techniques and chart types.

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Creating Data-Driven Scoring-Models

Scoring-Models are something like a Swiss Army Knife in decision-making and you can use them on almost unlimited occasions. They are models in which various criteria are weighted and result in a score. Based on this score a conclusion or a decision can be made or an advice can be given.

They follow a very structured setup:

  1. Define criteria
  2. Weight criteria
  3. Assess alternatives based on the defined criteria (e. g. on a scale from 1-10)
  4. Calculate part-scores ( 2. x 3. )
  5. Calculate overall score ( ∑ 4. )

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