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#MakeoverMonday is a project run by Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel. Each week they post a link to a chart and its data. The challenge is to rework the chart and maybe to retell the story more effectively or to find a new story in the data. The weekly recaps sum up the key learnings and show the favorites of the week. The project is about having broader conversations about and with data.

MakeoverMonday Favorites

Week 32/2017


Week 33/2017

Dashboard 332017

Week 35/2017

Dashboard 1

Week 36/2017, this visualization was picked as one of the Notable Vizzes of 2017 by the Tableau Public team


Week 44/2017

Dashboard 71

Week 46/2017

Dashboard 91

Week 52/2017

Dashboard 1

Week 04/2018